Following previous years, the event was organized from November 14 & 15 2019. This year Hanoi Steel Center is Host again before handing over to the next Coil Center.

With Participants including 27 members from 13 Coil Centers in the world, SC, Madza, SGC, SSK, STML, SPCS, ISS, CSCI, SSM, K+S, SSME and HSC HO and Danang Branch, this is the good chance for all CC to exchange great experience and continuously improve company’s management.

Here after are some outstanding activities from these two days:

  1. Introduction and guidelines for safety issues from HSC as the role of Hosting Company.
  2. Outline description of GK from Mr. Hara
  3. Examples of serious accidents by Mr. Maeshima
  4. Factory tours
  5. TQM presentation from each company.
  6. IZAI presentation

This year, main topic is focusing on TQM and IZAI and arising the concept of those issues:

  • TQM: since quality is not the job of quality control only, but other sections likes Sales, Logisitics, Production, Admin, Accounting… also have to contribute substantially. Thus quality is the responsibility of all the employees.
  • IZAI: “wrong delivery” is targetted to Zero. Potential risks must be analized and the appropriate solution should be worked out to prevent or eliminate it.

Through TQM and IZAI presentation from each company, experiences were exchanged and discussed widely, with the attempt to continuously improve the quality and assure higher management in each company.

As being the Host for the 2nd year, Hanoi Steel Center received lots of  encouragement from all participating companies. The event is continuously conducted yearly among member Companies with the mission of enhancing Management among group companies as conveyed by Mr Susumu Sumida, HSC’s General Director before closing this 2 days – event “ we are building as system, a family. I wish TQM, GK knowledge is not only known and implemented by the Participants here, but also should be widely shared to all staffs in all Coil Center so that more and more members can understand and implement it”.


Hereafter are some Pictures during the event: